E46 M3 SIG BMW E46 M3 Special Interest Group
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Prior to joining, we ask that you read our Charter by clicking here.

There is a $15 annual membership fee.

To join, call the BMW CCA at

(8:30am - 5pm Mon-Fri)

If you can not call the above phone number or can not pay by credit card, please send e-mail to Filippo Morelli. If you are outside of the USA, you may also contact Filippo for information on how to join. E46 M3 owners outside of the USA may currently join free of charge.

Once you've joined ...

Send an e-mail to Filippo Morelli, and we will immediately add you to the Mailing List. When you contact us, let us know your BMWCCA membership number and full name so we may expedite your membership.

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