BMW E46 M3 Special Interest Group
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Charter The Charter provides the guidelines for membership to the E46 M3 SIG and the rules for interaction on the SIG. Prior to joining, individuals should carefully read and agree with the Charter. Members should keep the posting guidelines in the Charter in mind when interacting on the SIG. Click here to view the Charter.
Commercial Posting Policy Please note we have a very specific Commercial Posting Policy, which covers posting e-mails with product offerings or company related content, such as signatures at the bottom of your e-mail with business URL's or contact information. Prior to joining, individuals should carefully read the Commercial Posting Policy. Should you have any questions about how to get commercial exposure on our SIG, please contact Filippo Morelli.

List Management
Help configuring your account
You can manage your own account! Simply go to the help page and enter your e-mail address. From there, you can suspend your mail, select digest, real-time or web mode and a variety of other control features.
List Archives These are the real-time Mailing List archives. Members are asked for their e-mail address and corresponding SIG password. If you do not remember your password or would like help configuring your account (i.e. changing between real-time, digest, web only), please go to our help page.

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