BMW E46 M3 Special Interest Group
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  • Do you own a BMW E46 M3?
  • Are you a BMW Motorsport enthusiast?
  • Interested in communicating with other BMW E46 M3 owners, worldwide?

Then you need to join the BMW E46 M3 SIG!

The BMW E46 M3 SIG was started at with an early core group of enthusiasts. Many having been members of our existing E30 M3 SIG and Club Racing SIG, there was a strong desire to build a community of similar quality and camaraderie for the E46 M3. In late 2004 the E46 M3 SIG began.

Membership requirements reflect a very specific agenda:
  • BMW E46 M3 owners interested in technical aspects of BMW Motorsport and their cars.
  • Support for maintaining and enhancing the E46 M3.
  • Creating community and networking between E46 M3 owners.
  • Strong sponsorship and participation by BMW specialists and retailers focused on the E46 M3.

To Join the BMW E46 M3 SIG, please click here.

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