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BMW E46 M3 SIG Sponsors
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Sponsors to the SIG are companies which have a strong reputation in the community for enthusiastically providing superior products and advice. These Sponsors provide financial support to the E46 M3 SIG, and are specialists in BMW road racing and BMW Motorsport cars.

We ask that you consider these Sponsors when looking for upgrades and maintenance parts. These vendors are knowledgeable in the E46 M3 and can often provide guidance on which parts, modifications and procedures are worthwhile.


Founded in 1999, evosport resides in Huntington Beach, California and is run by it's co-founder and E46 M3 SIG member, Brad Otoupalik. evosport is actively involved in track events with BMW's ... from driver schools to BMW CCA CR racing and SpeedVision World Challenge. With extensive experience tuning and setting up BMW's for track events on the West Coast, evosport can provide sales and installation for West Coast M3 owners. As well, their full online product catalog provides not only M3 parts, but other tuning accessories for your European street car.

bimmerworld -- Comprehensive parts and engineered products

A force to be dealth with in professional road racing, bimmerworld provides a wide variety of parts and specially engineered products for the E46 M3 BMW. As club and professional racers, the bimmerworld understands performance and quality that BMW enthusiasts require.

Diffs Online

Diffsonline LLC is dedicated to providing quality differentials for BMWs. We offer a wide variety of gear ratios to suit the vehicles powerband. The correct gearing puts the vehicle at the appropriate RPM for optimal performance at cruising speeds. We also offer 2,3, and 4 clutch Limited Slip (LSD) units. The lockup can be altered in each unit to vary between 25 and 75% for more traction. We also stock a wide variety of used differentials in factory ratios.


GSP was begun by SIG member Gustave Stroes, who has developed a great fascination for the E30 M3 and its mechanical components. This fascination has led to several benefits to the E30 M3 community. Gustave often shares his knowledge on the E30 M3 SIG list. His web site is a great source for technical evaluations, modifications and solutions.

GSP has a growing line of products specifically engineered for the E30 M3.

BMW Car Club of America

The BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA) is the largest organization of BMW enthusiasts in the World. The BMW CCA sponsors the M3 SIG by providing administrative support and recognition as a chartered Special Interest Group.

Most M3 SIG members are BMW CCA members. If you are not, you should be!


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