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M3 Sport Evolution

Name: Cristin
Car: BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution (No. 488/600)
Owner: George Nikas
  1. Rolling-road tuned by AmD in England.
  2. K&N air filter.
  3. Catalytic converter removed and replaced by straight pipes. G-POWER rear "silencer".
  4. Exhaust manifold wrap.
  5. Turner Motorsport oil pan baffle.
  6. Alloy SPARCO front strut brace.
  7. BRIDGESTONE S-02 tyres.
  8. OMP stainless steel braided brake hoses front and rear.
  9. ATE blue racing brake fluid.
  10. 10. Three dual digital programmable electronic gauges (SPA) with warning lights (engine oil pressure, fuel pressure, gearbox oil temperature, battery voltage, differential oil temperature, cooling-system pressure).
  11. OMP aluminium floor plate on the driver's side to protect the original floor mat.
  12. Nine security systems.

This is one of the ~50 official BMW UK imports of the E30 M3 Sport Evolution. She was bought from Munich Legends Ltd in 1996 with 53,000 miles on the clock for 18,000 GBP and has been my pride and joy ever since. Her name is Cristin and she is No. 488/600. The carefully-thought full list of modifications is as follows.

Sport Evo from front- Click to see full size photo
Front spoiler at 3/4 position
Sport Evo from rear - Click to see full size photo
Rear spoiler at 3/4 position

The M3 Sport Evolution is the last of the real hard-core BMW drivers' cars and a true icon of the Munich's best. Essentially, this is a race car made road legal (forget about imitations and aftermarket companies, forget about sound systems and luxuries). The driver involvement and satisfaction is immense and cannot be described unless you drive one. Make no mistake: this is not a road car modified by BMW to look aggressive. It is the ultimate evolution of the E30 M3 (only 600 in the world), the racing homologation special, which is the most successful racing touring car in the history of Motorsport with over 1,300 international wins.

The Sport is not a car for drag racing and is not meant for bar-talk nonsense or traffic light stupidity. For breathtaking acceleration, a 911 Turbo is the king. But if you want to feel like the three Ferrari F40 owners (one of them also with an F50 + other exotics) who bought a Sport Evolution and were thrilled with it to the point they mentally gave up their F40s, then be part of it. A car with hot attitude, fantastic handling, forgiving manners, aural pleasure, that will live with you well over 100,000 miles (if taken proper care of), a car that stands in the most prominent position of the BMW Museum in Munich to remind of the legendary Group-A winning era of BMW (1987-1991, remember Ravaglia and Cecotto?), and a car that is still being compared to the best of track cars out there by car magazines, more than 10 years after its production. A car with soul meant for the Real Driver. A Munich legendů


George Nikas                             - Author and Photography
Filippo Morelli                           - Layout and Graphics
Ben Thongsai, Gary Bossert      - Proof
Best viewed at 800 x 600 © Copyright 1999