Troubleshooting Spotter's Guide

Gruppe A

The Ultimate Racing Machine

Quite frankly, I debated whether I was going to use Gary Bossert's introduction to this section or write my own. After all, Gary had written the intro -- who was I to decide to replace his hard work with my biased viewpoint? But you see, the fact of the matter is that I have seen Gary's Gruppe A car and I don't own it. And furthermore, I know Gary quite well and yet I'm not him. So I'm going to tell you a few things which Gary reasonably can not.

First of all, Gary owns what is probably the finest Gruppe A car on North American soil with maybe the exception of cars on display at museums -- cars owned by BMW AG. And, while those cars are relegated to stationary settings, Gary drives his Gruppe A car. It's a fantastic automobile -- created in a rare era for BMW -- a time of focus and true purpose.

As for Gary, well, he's probably the definition of E30 M3 enthusiast. Quite frankly, Gary can probably afford whatever cars he fancies. He fancies E30 M3's. Gary has owned M3's since their inception and his current stable includes a fantastic car named Bossertrot which is a near replication of the Sport Evolution, an E30 M3 he races with the BMW CCA Club Racing program and finally the Gruppe A car which you will see within this article.

Who better to tell us about Gruppe A -- the heart of the E30 M3's existence.


Gary Bossert                                  - Research, Compilation, Authoring and Photography
Filippo Morelli                                 - Graphics, Layout and Introduction
Ben Thongsai, Chet Marfatia      - Proof
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