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This story is not well known in the general public. In fact, only in small circles of the cognoscenti are the following facts recognized as critical material which goes right to the heart of the e30 m3's existence.

The Hennarot Conspiracy.

During the early days of production, the e30 m3 was available in a striking color known as Hennarot -- a provocative orange-red. Production of this color occurred for approximately the first half of the 1988 model year (through Summer 1987 production). The color was then

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phased out for another color, Zinnoberrot -- a more mundane red.

The number of Hennarot m3's imported to the U.S. is unknown but believed to be a few hundred. It is this lack of accurate documentation of the tint production which makes cataloguing and proving true Hennarot m3's nearly impossible. This article attempts to explain the nature of this grave conspiracy and what we all must do, as true m3-abiding enthusiasts, to put a stop to this unexcusable fraud!

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