Hoax or not? Troubleshooting

After all the brouhaha on the BMW Digest over Mark Kibort's electric forced air induction system, I felt it was my civic duty to go forth and research this topic myself. After all, we all want something for nothing and more power is always more better. Thus, after a fortnight of heavy drinking, substance abuse and animal husbandry, I skillfully designed an electric forced induction system of my own.

This was no mean feat of engineering, I assure you. This put to use all the skills that I've learned in high school shop, a decade of tinkering in high performance Chevettes and a lifetime of fruitless inanity. As my mother once said, "If nothing else, serving as a dire warning to others is not a bad thing to be." I never did figure out what she meant by that.

Feel the power

What I wound up with, I named the

Wide Aperture Suction Torque Expander Or Forced Turbulence Intake Manifold Enhancer.

The model I created was designed specifically for my car, a 1990 E30 M3. Since no expense was spared by the engineers of BMW and BMW Motorsport in designing and building the E30 M3 I felt that this should be offset by my efforts to make it better. Thus, I simply used some of stuff I had lying around.

In the following pages you will learn how to create this device yourself, in the privacy of your own home using common household products and tools.  You will then reap the benefits both on the streets and the strips while earning the attention of your peers and the concerns of your neighbors and parents.

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