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BMWCCA Oktoberfest - Waterville, NH 1997. Photography by Mike Washington
1997 BMWCCA Oktoberfest, Waterville Valley, NH.   Photo Mike Washington

What happened to the 2002tii?

Myths can only be created from the past. Many BMW enthusiasts believe that, had BMW Motorsport AG existed in the late sixties, the 2002tii would have been the first Motorsport car (given that for all practical purposes, Alpina predated BMWs development of a more performance oriented and fuel injected '02). Some might even argue the 1600ti might have received that honor. The truly hardcore would have the TiSA hold that place in history. I digress...

As myths have it, and the E30 M3 now being a production thing of the past, many BMW enthusiasts (most, 2002 lovers) believe the E30 M3 is the natural progression of the 2002tii.

Oleg Perelet's M3
Photo by Ben Thongsai

Oleg Perelet's Hennarot M3

Producing this site ...

We have been planning this site for a long time. Earnest work began in the Fall of 1997. The amount of work involved to plan, research, gather, flush out, manage and layout the development of this site has been, well, substantial.

Many people have been involved in creating this corpus of information. At the bottom of each page, credits reflect the contributions of individuals who have made each page happen. If it was not for these individuals, such a thorough and correct E30 M3 site would not exist.

Along the way, we found substantial mis-information printed within magazines, books and other publications. (it is pretty sad when the latest book discussing ///M cars -- "BMW M-Series and Performance Specials" by Jonathan Cohen, doesn't even correctly identify the type of M3 on its front cover. Yes, that's a 1990 Sport Evolution, not a 1987 M3 Evolution, as stated).

What you will find here ... operates the E30 M3 Special Interest Group, which is the foundation for this site and its many features. Becoming a member introduces you to the largest group of E30 M3 enthusiasts on the planet, the same enthusiasts which help support this site.

From the E30 M3 Mailing List Archives to a For Sale area, there are a wide variety of resources which have been assembled for owners. The Spotter's Guide, for example, provides some of the most detailed and accurate information about E30 M3 production published to date. Beautiful examples of the E30 M3 can be seen in the Gallery, and the Sport Evolution page has more detail on the most coveted E30 M3 than anywhere published to date.

Finally, we are working on an on-line Registry where, for the first time, people will be able to register details about their car, by VIN, so that an database exists for enthusiasts to research cars and keep track of them.

- Filippo Morelli

BMW AG E30 M3 Art Car BMW AG commissioned E30 M3 Art Car


Filippo Morelli                            - Introduction and Layout
Mike Washington                        - BMWCCA Oktoberfest 1997 E30 M3 Gruppe Photography
Ben Thongsai, Chet Marfatia      - Proof
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