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(Editor's Note: Author's Matt Brumwell and Mike Washington are near fixtures at Oktoberfest. They are often found partnering at events. Matt has won the Overall Oktoberfest participation award more times in a row than I care to count. Of course they drive M3's to O'fest...)

So you really like your E30 M3 (from here on out referred to as M3) and you just can not find enough activities to keep you satiated? Every year, since 1970, a chapter or a group of chapters has hosted a national gathering of Bimmerheads called Oktoberfest.

This event is held towards the end of summer / beginning of fall somewhere within the continental United States. Past locations have included sites in the Bay area of California, Waterville Valley New Hampshire, West Palm Beach Florida, Breckenridge Colorado and many points in between.

M3's at the Autocross, Orlando Oktoberfest, 1998 Oktoberfest 1998 Autocross

As general rule of thumb, locations are picked for either their scenic beauty or local attractions. Also, a road course must be reasonably close. As you may have guessed, close is a relative term, so some years it may take a two hour drive to get to the track. Register early to guarantee a spot in the driver's school because spots are limited and O'fest has attracted over 600 participants for the last few years and more and more are M3 drivers.

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