Navigation Troubleshooting Introduction

Several backgrounds are provided for several different screen resolutions. To install one of these images on your Desktop (using Windows 95/98/NT), follow these steps:
  1. Select the image best suited for your background (or download them all to try them out)
  2. To download an image, click on the link. These are .bmp images. If your browser displays the image, right click on the image when complete and Save... to your hard disk ...
  3. Once downloaded, right click on your screen background. A popup menu will appear. Select Properties.
  4. Select the Background tab in the Properties window. For the Display chioce box, select Center. Browse... and select the image from wherever you saved it.

Note: You can use the 800x600 and 640x480 images to completely fill your screen background. If you wish to have the M3SIG graphic only in the center of your screen, choose the smaller graphic (400x300). Also, if you choose to use the smaller graphic, set the background color of your Windows desktop to be black, so that it matches the graphic's background. This can be done in the Appearance tab on the Properties display by selecting Item: Desktop to be Color: (black).

Download the M3 Sig Desktop Graphic:
400 x 300 (.bmp file Zipped) zip (162KB)
640 x 480 (.bmp file Zipped) zip (405KB)
800 x 600 (.bmp file Zipped) zip (654KB)
If you don't have Winzip, download the Evaluation from the Winzip Site.


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