Mr. ///M Car
1717 Route 34 South
Monmouth Executive Airport
Building 41
Farmingdale, NJ 07727
Tel: 732-919-2299


  1. Due to a parking lot repave project currently underway, please stay tuned for parking instructions at time of arrival
  2. PLEASE-PLEASE- PLEASE do not speed or fool around on the Airport permesis. There are police constantly monitoring this location, and Don does not want any problems with them or the airport owner (who lives on the premesis)
  3. The roads in the airport aren't very good. Please be careful not to scrape going over the speedbump(s) and keep your wheels out of the larger potholes.

From the Garden State Parkway (North or South):

Take Garden State Parkway to Exit 98 to Rt. 34 NORTH. Take Rt. 34 NORTH, and JUST PRIOR to the second light take right exit ramp to facilitate a left turn arcoss Rt 34.and into the Airport entrance. Go straight across the highway into the Airport entrance (Airport Blvd.). Keep your eyes on the RIGHT side of the road only- Take the 2nd right onto Howard Plaza Road, go over speedbump (BE CAREFUL!). Follow the road as it turns to the left, and goes between the hangars. Mr ///M Car is in a blue hangar on the left.