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Event Scheduled for August 11th, 12th, & 13th: Please Register

E30 M3 SIG Fest East 2006
7th Annual Event

     SIG Fest 2006 is officially ON!
Join us at the Seventh annual E30 M3 SIG Fest East. This years event is scheduled for 3 days of E30 M3 related activities. Friday we will kick off with a karting event which is bound to be a blast. Saturday we'll hold a Picnic and Concours 'd Elegance (a SIG Fest tradition). On Sunday, we'll enjoy a seaside drive before departing.

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Tech Session
Picnic & Concours
August 2006

Fri   12


Sat   13

Concours 'd Elegance and Picnic

Sun   14

Seaside Drive


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From the Event Chairman

Fellow E30 M3 Fanatics: and the E30///M3 SIG (in conjunction with our other sponsors) are pleased to bring you the 7th annual E30 ///M3 SIG Fest 2006. This year's event is scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 11th, 12th, and 13th.

Tony Rausch
Event Chairman


   2006 Event Chairman: Tony Rausch

   Web Dev: Filippo Morelli & John Henriquez

   2006 Event Funding: E30 M3 SIG --, inc.



Location: Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Date: Friday, August 11, 2006 (5pm - 11:30pm)
Directions: Directions.

We are kicking off the SIG Fest weekend with an E30 ///M3 SIG Fest Go Karting event! Come and see why many of the world's best drivers launched their racing careers from the seat of a go kart. Keith Raffa of Full Tilt Racing is working on the details with us, and will be hosting this "Arrive and Drive" portion of this year's SIG Fest at a karting track on the grounds of nearby Englishtown Raceway Park (click on "Karting" in the left hand margin to see pictures and descriptions of the track). We'll need a minimum of 30 people and a maximum of 50 people to sign up. The cost is AROUND (but not exactly) $100 per person, for 4 to 5 hours of rental time (depending upon the actual number of participants, weather etc.). Fewer than 30 participants will make the entrance cost increase.

The track is a lighted 10-15 turn asphalt track (depending upon how they have it set up), and 15 to 20 100cc non-shifter karts would be running at the same time in 15 minute intervals (these things can be punishing! After 15 minutes you'll be ready to let someone else give it a go for awhile.) Helmets, foam helmet-rests, gloves and protective racing or motorcycle gear is required, and will be provided at no additional cost if you don't have such items. Racing fuel and routine maintenance is also part of the package, although obviously damage to the karts is to be covered by each entrant. There'll be door prizes, and maybe even a trophy going to the fastest SIG karter. We'll bring in dinner- and the event will last until about 11pm, giving everyone time to get back to their hotels at a decent hour.

Those taking part in this portion of the event must contact Full Tilt and pay in advance. A rain cancellation will result in a full refund. Please register early, as space is limited.

Concours 'd Elegance & Picnic

Location: Lincroft, NJ
Date: Saturday, August 12, 2006 (10am - 4pm)
Directions: Thompson Park.

Saturday's SIG Fest 2006 picnic schedule allows for plenty of time to hang out, check out the different cars, mods, and hot wheel setups. Bring the family! There'll be a judged concourse for all of you guys with garage queens, and a special category for the blossoming category of non-S14-powered E30///M3s. There'll be beautiful weather (subject to change without notice), lots of food, more unbelievable door prizes, awesome people to meet, a for sale/for trade table, insane E30///M3's (only) and many more surprises, as well. Again, this portion of the event is FREE to all current E30///M3 members and their guest only- brought to you by, and our other generous sponsors. We may put together a group drive as we have done in the past at the end of the day- ending at a popular seaside bar and grille, where we'll celebrate the people and the cars over a burger and a beer or two.

Seaside Drive

Date: Sunday, August 13, 2006
Directions: TBD.

For those who are local or are staying over Saturday night we are planning a Sunday morning drive to a picturesque seaside restaurant where we can discuss the finer points of owning an example of the most winning touring car in history. We may be joined by Don Fields of Mr. ///M Car, so those who will be around on Sunday will have a chance to learn from the master.


We are currently working on getting an E30 M3 SIG Group Rate. Please stay tuned!

Rain Date

The park will not allow us to reserve a rain date. We can however, cancel the reservation within 2 days of the event, and select an alternative date based on availability. Updates, schedule changes, and event changes will be provided to registered participants via email.

RSVP & Reservations

There is a limit on the number of entrants, so please reserve your spot ASAP. Additionally, we will ask that each person bring with them a few bottles of soda (water, juice- whatever non-alcoholic beverages you like) and some type of snack-food (be creative- we'd rather not end up with 40 bags of pretzels).

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