Troubleshooting Spotter's Guide

e30 m3 spotter's guide

The E30 M3 was constructed by BMW for a predominate purpose - to homologate a race car suitable for The European Touring Car Championship (ETCC). To that end, BMW was required to construct 5,000 street-bound examples. The E30 was the best suited automobile in BMW's stable to undergo this transformation.

Certain rules in the racing series heavily influenced characteristics of the production M3. For example, the shape of the body of an ETCC entry could not be altered from the homologated version. The deep front spoiler, rear windscreen "cap", rear trunk lid and spoiler were incorporated solely for high speed aerodynamic performance. The wide fender flares allowed large race tires and wheels to fit under stock bodywork.

Of the approximately 15,000 E30 M3's produced, well over 100 were built solely for road race and rally use. Approximately 5,000 examples were imported to the United States, the vast majority of that number sold in 1988.


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